Storyt'elles, storytelling communication agency, entrusted us with the overall organization of this digital & political event

We worked hand-in-hand on this VIP event.
Storyt'elles was in charge of invitations and managing journalists, storytelling during the event and overall coordination.
We looked after back office logistics with the various players, service providers, the location and hiring staff for D-day.
Seamless cooperation ensuring this event was an absolute success.

Morgane Cléret showcased the entire history of the Digital PACTE perfectly on 22-03-2017, when it was illustrated through acts by Storyt’elles on behalf of the New Deal Foundation.

We were able to rely on her great professionalism and in-depth logistics expertise for coordinating this major digital-focused event which was accomplished in record-breaking time! We will most definitely use her services regularly for logistics support for the various events which we imagine for our clients.

Clémence BERNARD, Founder Storyt’elles


• Organizing event logistics
• Sourcing and coordinating service providers
• Booking staff for the event
• Managing guest lists
• Proactive on D-day

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