Our agency proposes its specifically-targeted, rigorous, high-end recruitment expertise to offer you perfectly-skilled staff to fulfill your needs and hospitality, coordination, production, catering and talents.

Today, staff and related services are key to the strategy of any brand/agency/business in touch with their public.
Individuals in distinct positions represent you: their attitudes and skills are essential to winning over customers, satisfying them and building loyalty.

We work hand-in-hand with prestigious brands and agencies and we can white label if required.

Uniforms can be provided and bespoke shopping considered based on brand image defined.

The dream ressources


Across-the-board staff and 360° skill-set, managed by our agency: we provide you with the human resources you need to organize your event.
Highly-qualified teams offering an extensive range of skills ensuring your events are an absolute success.

We take care of sourcing, hiring, booking, training, administrative management and staff management for your event. Save time, stay calm and collected and let us hire for you.

We appraise the immediacy of your requests.
Our ultra-responsive teams propose solutions throughout France and answer your requests within 48 hours.

IN THE AGENCY: A dedicated project manager.
ON-SITE: A referrer-manager.

Our points-of-contact, an integrated extension to your team, facilitate daily exchanges between you, the staff and our agency to ensure your event is an absolute success.

We are committed to proposing to you only those who meet your selection criteria.

For all hiring from reception to roadie/stage crews, through tray-service staff to artistic talents: each profile is selected based on skills, attitude, event expertise and suitability.

We provide on-going monitoring and booking for new emerging profiles throughout France.
Our talent pool is centred around the Greater Paris area, the PACA region (Cannes, Nice, Monaco, Marseille, Montpellier, Aix en Provence, etc.), Lyon and Bordeaux.


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