Every year, our company organizes a special day when all the staff from the factory comes together. This day is highly-important for all of us as it is, above all, symbolic and an occasion for us to get together.

This year, I was in charge of organizing this event, a real challenge for me, I had a lot of ideas but a budget to keep to. I contacted The Dream Factory first of all out of curiosity and to find out if they could help me with the organization. Initial contact was really easy and our exchanges very friendly. Morgane immediately understood my situation and related constraints: an entertaining day, a set time for arriving back, transport to plan for all staff, etc. Morgane was constantly on-hand and really patient, especially when there was a lot of ado about the activity chosen and last minute changes to deal with. I was really delighted that Morgane was present throughout the event, I felt much more at ease. The feedback after was brilliant; the day was a great success. I'll work with The Dream Factory again anytime I need to, it's an agency that I highly recommend.

Aurélie MAHE, Bacardi