Do you run a business, a communication department, an agency? We can complement your staff and work with your teams.

Let our expert team take care of your projects and deal with your logistics issues to help you create and set up your events.
We can white label and when necessary work in total immersion on your premises.

Focus on imagining and commercializing your projects.
Let us inspire you with our logistics and executive production expertise for your campaigns and events.

• Managing and coordinating all services
• Executive production for your events
• Creating briefs dedicated to selected service providers
• Creating and managing invitations and guest lists
• Gauging and hiring teams/crews (expertise, actions, schedules)
• Setting up the operational team
• Overall event logistics (clients, staff, guests, VIPs, etc.)
• Sourcing partners and sponsors
• Implementing bottom-up event planning and event sequencing

Choyou — Paris & San Francisco

DreamForce San Francisco

Overall pre-event logistics management

DreamForce San Francisco