Our agency dazzles in the realm of luxury and prestigious brands. Our agency specializes in automobile, fashion and beauty and works in a myriad of other fields of activities throughout France and around the globe.

To support your projects, we need to understand your challenges : Striving for excellence, commercial success, enhanced image and media impact.
To this end, we need to analyze your brand’s DNA : Its history, its identity, its intricacies and its uniqueness.
The first step of our partnership is as such dedicated to observing your brand and the service proposed. Your first brief is tailored to your goals and specifications, then we suggest an event strategy and a communication plan
matching your project’s identity.

Types of event

Creation, Organization, Logistics and Event production:

Christian Dior Couture — St. Tropez

Polo Club

Imagining a one-of-a-kind evening to unveil the brand's latest collection.

Polo Club

Our expertise

• Event feasibility study
• Needs analysis focusing on the overall budget
• Solution proposals in line with your corporate
communication strategy.
• Overall or partial event management.
• Seeking the most suitable services and locations for your needs
and your budget through an extensive network of prestigious
service providers (appeal, technical hospitality and accessibility capabilities,
safety and security, etc.)

• Total or partial management of events
• Management and coordination of all services
• Consulting on design, creation, decoration and coordination
• Executive production of events
• Respect for the style and identity of the brand and the event
• Recommendation on activities for promoting the identity of your event
• Written briefings for selected staff
• Creation of communication media
• Creation and management of invitations and guest lists
• Forming the operational team
• Drawing up criteria for teams, recruitment (skills, actions, schedules)
• Defining profiles / casting / booking
• Overall event logistics (clients, staff, guests, VIPs, etc.)
• Implementing reverse scheduling and event sequencing

• Development of event-management file / status reports
• Monitoring production and mounting
• General event and operations management
• Transport, accommodation, catering
• Coordination of service-providers, management of teams (technique, organisation, safety, etc.)
• Hospitality management / orientation of participants and guests
• Listings management / databases
• Photo or video report

• Client reporting: feedback, photos and/or videos, statistics
• Team debriefing
• Customer satisfaction questionnaire

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